HH Sheikha Moza closes the Pre-Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations

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HH Sheikha Moza closes the Pre-Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations

Doha, Qatar, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

“The Alliance of Civilizations will enter a new phase in line with the aspirations of a changing world,” Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser stressed in her remarks drawing the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) Pre-Forum to a close.   She continued, “This turning point should help address the changes and turmoil we are witnessing in our region and in the world.”

The Pre-Forum aimed at convening members of civil society alongside supporting governments of the UNAOC to set the agenda for the December Doha UNAOC Forum, the premier global event on intercultural dialogue and action that is held annually.   The Pre-Forum successfully linked the mission of the UN Alliance of Civilizations with the Millennium Development Goals.

This Pre-Forum represents the first time civil society was formally consulted in the preparation of the agenda of a Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations.  Its goals included the establishment of a platform for joint actions by governments and the private sector.  The civil society representatives present enthusiastically endorsed this initiative of the Qatar Drafting Committee, with more than 190 participants from 80 countries representing NGOs, foundations, corporations, national organizations and committees. 

“Today, with the presence of the civil society organizations, side by side with the focal points group’s representatives, we have begun to build the framework that complements all efforts and energies,” Her Highness stated.

His Excellency President Jorge Sampaio commented, “This extraordinary participation produced sparkling debates and fruitful recommendations.” 

Her Highness was thanked for her vision of connecting the Millennium Development Goals with the goals of the UNAOC, giving renewed importance to producing results in the areas of culture, youth, equity, and development.  Commenting on her participation in the Pre-Forum, a civil society representative from the UK expressed in strong terms how empowered she felt, adding “we feel the future of the world is in our hands.”