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For over 20 years, Her Highness Sheikha Moza has been contributing to the economic and social development of Qatar through a wide range of innovative and progressive initiatives.

Sheikha Moza has been at the forefront of developing the country’s word class education system since 1995, through her leadership of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF).

Qatar Foundation’s Education City campus in Doha stands as one of the nation’s most impressive achievements, and houses an array of world-renowned campuses, as well as Hamad bin Khalifa University, a home-grown post-graduate university.

Her Highness’s passion for education and her belief in its ability to enhance opportunities and transform societies, have also inspired her efforts to protect and promote quality education across the globe.

In support of her United Nations roles and her commitment to the universal right to education, Sheikha Moza has set up a number of international programmes that protect and promote access to schooling.

This includes the Education Above All Foundation (EAA), which has a particular focus on enabling the 59 million children who are currently out of school to realise their right to education. Through capacity-building, resource mobilisation, and multi-sectoral partnerships and alliances, EAA addresses educational issues with a special commitment to the most underserved populations of the world.

Sheikha Moza has also undertaken several high-profile projects to promote education, social reform and economic opportunity throughout the Arab world, including the Silatech initiative.

Her Highness cherishes her country’s rich traditions and heritage, and she has spearheaded a number of initiatives seeking to safeguard and nurture them – from the national library, to urban regeneration, and equestrian training.

A healthy population is essential to a strong, prosperous society, and Sheikha Moza has been at the forefront of comprehensive reforms to provide all Qataris with access to world-class healthcare.

As Chair of Sidra Medical and Reseach Centre and of the founder of World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), Sheikha Moza is contributing to establish Qatar as a centre for biomedical research and an incubator for medical breakthroughs.

She also supported a restructuring of Qatar’s healthcare system in her former role as Vice Chair of the Supreme Council of Health 2009-2014.