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Sheikha Moza has undertaken several high-profile projects to promote human development through education, social reform and economic opportunity in Qatar and throughout the Arab world.

One of the most pressing challenges facing the region is widespread youth unemployment, underemployment and a shortage of opportunities for young people. With two-thirds of the Arab population under the age of 25, the way young people navigate the coming years will largely determine the future of the region.

In recognition of the scale and urgency of this challenge, Sheikha Moza launched an innovative enterprise called Silatech in 2008 with broad support from other regional and international leaders. Meaning ‘Your Connection’ in Arabic, Silatech is an initiative that promotes enterprise and job creation in the Arab world with a mission to connect young people with employment and enterprise opportunities.

Working with the United Nations and other international NGOs, other initiatives of Sheikha Moza have funded projects to train Iraqi teachers and rebuild the country’s higher education system, including the International Fund for Higher Education in Iraq. She has also drawn special attention to the adverse impact of the Gaza blockade on children and provided emergency support to schools in Gaza.

Through Her Highness's foundation Education Above All, the Educate A Child program is helping children in the Arab world overcome barriers to education, while Al-Fakhoora provides youth in Gaza, the West Bank and Syrian IDPs and refugees in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq with opportunities for leadership training and higher education among others. Al-Fakhoora also has programs for school reconstruction and health services, including psychosocial support and disability services.