World Innovation Summit for Health "WISH" 2020

Doha, Qatar, 15 November 2020


Welcome, once more, to the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), which we were compelled to hold remotely by the extraordinary circumstances we are living through today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven how the “health” of all sectors, whether economic, educational, social or otherwise, is affected by the state of the health sector.

We should not have waited for a pandemic to assert how healthcare is central and important to the infrastructure of comprehensive development. We have witnessed this truth become more and more apparent throughout the world this year.

In this context, the importance of this summit lies in the exchange of ideas, research and discoveries, in the sharing of solutions, and the promotion of successful experiences and effective policies – discussions that will drive growth in the healthcare sector.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Just when we thought the present has surpassed the past with its technological and scientific advancements, after the COVID-19 outbreak, the world received a catastrophic and epidemiological lesson that challenged leaders, scientists, researchers and physicians as they work to discover and develop a vaccine to save humanity from the imminent threat on its health and way of life.

Amid these trying times brought on by the pandemic, WISH is convening this year to elevate our sense of collective responsibility and unite the world as one – To work together, to share knowledge, to contain this pandemic and to minimize the damage until it is possible for scientists and researchers to restore health security for people everywhere.

And so, I salute healthcare workers in Qatar, and globally, for their tremendous efforts in fighting this pandemic, protecting lives, and tirelessly striving to create a better, healthier world.

It is said that during major events in history, heroes are made, and knights emerge. There is no doubt that healthcare workers are the knights of this historic moment. They are the stars our youth should exemplify and emulate in their altruism, dedication and involvement in the health and research sectors.

Lastly, challenges come in different shapes and sizes. We have faced several obstacles before that we have successfully overcame or contained. But what the world is facing today is a challenge that is completely new in kind, magnitude, and impact. A challenge that requires us to take unprecedented action in kind, magnitude, and impact in order to successfully confront the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I wish you every success as you face these exceptionally challenging times.

Thank you.