QF Annual Research Conference 2013

Doha, 24 November 2013

(As-salam alaykum)

I am pleased to welcome you all to Doha to discuss scientific research issues that are as vital to the present as to the future.

We live in a world in which challenges have become as complex as development has become fast-paced. There is no doubt that our shared desire to make use of the world’s scientific advances to mutually address those challenges is steadfast and determined.

To consolidate our belief that scientific research is the portal towards acquiring the tools to confront local and global challenges, Qatar is committed to pursuing the constant development of infrastructure to support scientific research in Qatar. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to advance the reality of development in the Arab world.

Yet we also believe in the globalisation of science, and in sharing, cooperating, and supporting the establishment of scientific research, given that this world is a nation for us all; a world in which science should be devoted to the service of humanity.

Given that challenges are global by nature, they require global research solutions through working with international partners who share our beliefs.

We recognize, as you do, that the tools, capabilities and outputs of scientific research are an intellectual capital. We produce this research together for our mutual benefit, in a way that no one can be entitled to monopolize the means of progress.

Here again we reaffirm, as we have done on previous occasions, that there is no other choice other than inculcating solutions together and reaping the fruits, since we are together confronted with different challenges. We will leave no one lagging behind.

To drive forward this commitment, we launched last year the Qatar National Research Strategy. Its purpose is to enhance the rank and role of scientific research for the well-being of our people, protect our environment, develop our economy, and contribute actively to the scientific efforts in the world. The strategy is a scientific base, enabling us to achieve the objectives of development and accomplishing Qatar National Vision 2030.

And I repeat once again, that we in Qatar have never been confined by our local geography. Rather, we have continuously placed our attention on the development needs of the Arab nations, as we set strategies and plans for scientific research.

This conference is an opportunity to announce our decision to address three priority challenges in our country: energy security, through raising the production of solar energy to 1 gigawatt by 2020; water security, through promoting the scientific research in the area of water desalination; and cyber security, through strengthening information security management in an electronically open and overlapped space.

In addition, we continue to pursue our research in health, paricularly in priority sectors for our country, namely diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and neurological disorders.

Here in Qatar, we will continue our long-standing commitment to attracting and supporting Arab expatriate scientists, and the excellent, reputable centres across the world.

Scientific research is a human activity that goes beyond geographical and political boundaries to establish the universality of knowledge for the progress and prosperity of mankind.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Renaissance and prosperity never occurs nor lasts without the sustainability of advancement mechanisms.

I appreciate your attendance, both scientists and researchers.

May you succeed in all your endeavors.

Peace be upon you

(As-salam alaykum)