Qatar Foundation Convocation Ceremony 2009

Doha, 05 May 2009

Dear Graduates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today’s event bears carries mixed feelings – joy and pride as these young men and women who have so clearly demonstrated our faith in them and their capabilities, and sadness that they are leaving us to begin a new chapter in their lives. However as I stand among you today I believe that we should not view our celebration of the Education City convocation today as merely a chance to praise to the graduates and gratitude to all those who contributed to this achievement. 

Commencement is not just a cause for celebration but more importantly represents an occasion to open a direct dialogue with the graduating young men and women in order to monitor the path we have set for ourselves. We still have a long way to go. I have had the opportunity on several occasions to announce from Education City the launch and execution of various innovative and groundbreaking projects and by the year 2030, the Education City project will have only partially achieved its objectives, according to our national development plan.

This is the true significance of commencement, whether here at Education City or at other universities in the country. Commencement is an essential component, gaining its strength from our national belief that a quality education is the strategic path to achieving sustainable national development.

As we celebrate today the graduation of 200 young men and women from this country and abroad, we reaffirm the critical role of education in injecting new blood into Qatari society in particular and human society in general. You young people possess all the vital skills and attributes we need and I am certain you will make an important and valuable contribution that cannot be taken for granted.

In the short term, however, there is no doubt that the post-university phase represents the graduate’s entry into the real world, with all that entails in terms of psychological and professional readiness founded on a strength of will and a sense of responsibility.

Hence, it is our duty to enhance the graduating young men and women’s confidence in their abilities, while at the same time ensuring that the public and private institutions alike will demonstrate a similar confidence in our graduates’ credentials and capabilities and will consider them, as we do, an asset.

This is my message to the second class of Education City graduates. It is a message filled with pride for our country. It is a message filled with gratitude for our fathers and mothers for their foresight in guiding their children and making the right choice in the selection of your educational path. And it is a message filled with thanks and appreciation for the educational institutions and the efforts of their officials.

This is a message which affirms that Education City graduates are as bright and prepared as graduates from the renowned universities around the world.

This is a message filled with emotion as we bid farewell to our children. You will always remain to me personally and in the eyes of Education City, no matter how old you grow, tender flowers in need of constant care and support.

This is what we stand for at Education City. For those graduating today, it has been your home for the past few years. You are always welcome here, and our hope is you will help us carry out Education City’s mission not just for today but for future generations.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.